TMR Rules | Pure Physical Therapy

Key points to remember:

1. always check both sides before you begin. Rate the percent different that you notice, remembering to incorporate pain, amount of movement available, and ease of movement into your score

2. ONLY exercise to the easier side. This is how you stimulate the brain in a positive way and get a carryover effect to the other side. With exercises like the trunk rotation, its important to remember that the easy side can change, which is why you always need to check before starting. REMEMBER to tweak or modify your body position so that you are comfortable (i.e. lean to the side) and make sure to go as far as you can but without straining. When you breathe out, try to go a little bit further into the motion. 

3. Perform 3 rounds of the selected exercise for the prescribed amount. I.E. 3 times 15 second holds or 2 sets of 20 repetitions. 

4. Retest both sides. you should notice the hard side improve. record or remember the new % difference you feel.

5. Perform another 3 rounds to the easy side only, and then retest. if both sides feel the same, you can stop here. if you continue to notice improvement, but not fully even yet, you can continue for a few more sets (if you want/have time)

6. Check and repeat 5 times throughout the day. you can change postions if you'd like (standing, sitting, kneeling, etc).

you should notice each consecutive time you recheck that you start at a better percentage than the last time. if not, you may not be doing the exercises often enough.