Our 5-star Physiotherapy reviews

Luis V

"I'm a firefighter and I've had all kinds of back problems and pain, I've had 2 back surgeries - not to mention that I have tried everything and anything to relieve pain in order to perform my job. Before Pure PT I was on desk duty, and even that was painful. The techniques and hands-on therapy have helped me more than any form of treatment I have ever received. The program I'm now on has allowed me to return to full duty. Thank you! Truly the best!"

Jarlin P

"Immediately from the first session, I noticed changes and my injury instantly began to recover. Pure PT cares to teach you during the process, and to ensure you are making progress. Always available to answer questions and their flexibility is extraordinary... no other place will treat you this way."

"In my sessions with my previous PT, it was a constant focus on exercises working the same muscle group combined with a weak attempt at manual therapy. I left PT feeling overworked and weaker than when I started some days. After one session with Pure PT, much of the tension in my muscles was gone... the exercises were far more functional allowing me to focus on my shoulder - as well as the rest of my body. Despite the fact that I consider myself to have great body awareness, Austin was still able to help me become cognizant of the engagement of various muscles that I was not previously working. I have done planks before...but not like this! Feeling both physically and mentally stronger after my session with Austin - he actually helps his patients LEARN how to stay healthy and injury free by teaching exercises and their purpose in depth." - Michelle

"After a few injuries related to Ironman training, Austin has gained my complete trust. He listens and cares about your needs. He has the knowledge and expertise to support your immediate needs but he also teaches you how to take care of yourself, how to be aware of your body and ultimately how to prevent injuries. He makes you feel better after one session but also creates a safe comeback plan until you are fully recovered. Austin works with you to take you back to feeling good and do the things you enjoy. Thanks Austin! Best Physical Therapist in SoFlo!" - Rosa

"Austin is a phenomenal physical therapist and extremely knowledgeable. I tore my ACL twice and rehabbed with him both times. My knee has never felt so strong! I am extremely confident in my knee and that is entirely because of him. Not only is he a great physical therapist he's a great guy and super easy to talk too, and he actually cares about his clients. Highly recommend!" - Eddy