We'll save you from surgery, or your money back

Did you know that tears are present in about 50% of 'normal' MRI's? That's right - people with no pain at all can appear totally broken on diagnostic imaging, and many people in real pain have no abnormal results... That information alone should be enough to convince you that your results don't matter! Not only that, but physical therapy and surgery lead to the same outcomes! Surgery has much higher risk, and can lead to potential devastating effects. Basing surgical recommendations on MRI studies has no chance of succeeding. If you are considering orthopedic surgery because you think you have no other option, think again. Work with us for 1 month with a money-back guarantee. We will show you that efficient movement equals elimination of pain, and save you from making a choice that you can't take back.

It's time for a shift in our thinking. "Damage" to tissue on MRI is a normal part of aging. The majority of MRIs performed on shoulders, backs, knees, hips come up positive for a tear - and that's in people who don't have any pain! How is it that my patient with a tear in their rotator cuff can be pain free and lifting overhead, playing catch, and carrying groceries, but the one who goes to the surgeon needs the tear "fixed" first in order to do all that normal stuff? Why are we so bad at educating the public on this?

If I can reach just one person with this information, I'll be happy. I really hope to get into the heads of everyone here in Miami and start a shift in thinking, but I realize I'm fighting an uphill battle against one of the most powerful groups in the country. And to prove I'm not in it for the $$ like your surgeon is, I'm offering a deal that is, up until now, completely unheard of:

If you are considering surgery, or are scheduled for surgery, come work with us first for a month. Afterward, if you still decide to go through with getting cut up (which you won't, because you will feel amazing) I'll give you half of your visit cost back, PLUS pay for your copays at whichever rehab clinic you do your post-op recovery at for the first month after surgery. Depending on your copay amount, you could actually make money by coming to us first. If you are going to get the procedure anyway, what excuse do you have to not take me up on this offer?

You'll never hear a surgeon say they will pay you back if the surgery doesn't work... instead you're just out of luck, and possibly in a worse place than when you started.

Come to us instead, and learn that moving better = less pain. Let me teach you first hand that tissue damage is such a small part of your symptoms, and that your brain and your body has an INSANE amount of healing potential once you learn to unlock it. Let us begin to save some money in our broken system and maybe get things on the right track in this country as far as the healthcare system goes. Miami is a great place to work on this because we are all passionate about our health and fitness, and the rest of the country is watching us.

You don't have to take my word for it. I'm literally guaranteeing success for you. If you think I'm full of it, I can put you in touch with some of my previous patients that were supposed to get sliced up. They'll be happy to tell you how good they feel and how happy they are that they didn't go through with the operation.

A movement starts with one person...

Is that person you?

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