The Importance of Mindset in Healing


How do you feel? Are you sad, happy, angry, indifferent?

Is that how you want to feel?

What about your pain level? is it tolerable, manageable, excruciating? Or is your pain level ZERO like me and my clients?

How did we get there? Are we magical humans with bodies so resilient they heal in an instant? Not yet, but maybe one day. No, instead we wanted to get better, knew we could get better, saw the future timeline clearly where we had no pain at all, set the path to get there, and kept ourselves on it until it became a reality. 

This is easier to do than you might think! All you need to do is imagine yourself pain free, living that life and doing the things you love, and feel the joy and the freedom that it brings you to do so. Your body doesn't know the difference, so if you feel that emotion then it releases the chemicals that match that state of being. And if that state of being is healthy and pain-free, then BOOM, you become that just by imagining it. 

Your imagination is way more powerful than you realize. 

We use imagery as a treatment technique at Pure Physiotherapy combined with manual therapy, exercise, breathing, and lifestyle changes.