Lymphatic Drainage Post Cosmetic Surgery


Being in Miami we all know there's no shortage of plastic surgery happening on a daily basis. Did you know, however, that PTs are experts in hands-on care for after those procedures? Of course, not all therapists will be proficient in lymphatic drainage massage, but plenty are! 

As Doctors of Physical Therapy we get trained in the care of soft tissues and swelling, have an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and are versed in the management of drainage lines, sutures, scars, wounds, and compression garments. This makes a PT with the right experience an easy call when it comes to helping you heal after a procedure that causes significant bruising, swelling, scarring, and overall decrease in mobility and muscle tone. 

Most recommendations for adequate post cosmetic surgical lymphatic drainage treatments call for about 10 massage sessions lasting about an hour, to be done within 3 weeks of the procedure date. They say in general to leave a day or two in between treatments to let the tissues rest and recover, and to allow any additional soreness to dissipate. 

Taking part in these sessions can have a profound effect on the look, feel, and health of your body post-procedure. The hands-on technique employed should be gentle, sweeping, and make use of a rotating contact point in order to facilitate fluid movement. Fluid is pushed towards the major lymph draining centers located in your neck, chest, and pelvis. these areas are also stimulated on their own in order to aid them in removing the fluid faster. Once the fluid is removed from the interstitial space, it makes its way into the bladder so that it can be eliminated as waste. 

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