How to Fix Tension from Typing (or texting)


Watch the video to Learn how to do the Lumbrical stretch. Fun Fact: Did you know that there arent any muscles in your fingers, only tendons? So when you do the stretch correctly, you will feel the pulling in your hand, on either side of the long bone corresponding to the finger you are stretching.

The Lumbricals control fine movements of your fingers. When you type of text a lot, they can get overworked and become tight or hypertonic (increased tension). This can contribute to other issues like forearm and elbow pain since other muslces are trying to make up for them not working correctly. 

The two most important ones to stretch are the 3rd and 4th fingers. You'll see what I mean when you try it...

Hold each finger 4 times 30 seconds. Easy to do at your desk or at a red light!