Corporate Wellness

We bring our industry leading professionals to you!

Get exclusive access to healthcare professionals who are experts (Masters or Doctoral degree) in ergonomics, mind-body connection, relaxation and tension relief in order to boost productivity, limit workplace stress, and provide morale-enhancing breaks - - both mental and physical.

Feel better, work better

"The best break you can take"

> table stretching
> guided relaxation
> soft tissue care

Your choice, every time

In addition to 1 on 1 weekly care:

>Sessions effectively "screen" for impairments that worsen into painful conditions (LBP!), leading to less physician visits and no waiting for treatment of common postural ailments.
>Free / reduced cost appointments are available for employees at our treatment center(s).
>Teaching of effective ergonomic strategies leads to a reduction in Workers' Comp cases, and reduction of pain from work-related musculoskeletal disorders and muscular injuries.

Customizable Programs

Book either one or two days per week for our regeneration specialists to set up in an office or conference room of your choosing. An online scheduling system will allow easy booking of appointment times for your employees including email reminders. Walk-ins accepted in open slots.

> 1 or 2 days per week 
> 15, 20, or 30 min sessions (30, 22, 15 per day respectively)
> 15 min = to cover everyone; 30 min = concierge care
> Choose time of day ~ 9a-5:30p (8.5 hour window)

Weekly Rates

1 practitioner, full day: $925
10% discount for second day
(i.e. 15-min sessions (60 total per week), 2 separate days = $1665)
Alternate rates available; based on number & duration of appointments desired*