Expert Healing for Optimal Performance

Do you have pain, tension, or weakness that keeps you from being active? 

Are you an athlete plagued by injuries that always take too long to heal? 

Are you considering surgery because you think you have no other options? 

There ARE answers to the these problems. You do NOT have to accept living with pain and limitations.

1 on 1 Physical Therapy in Coral Gables and Miami

Pure PT is not a typical physical therapy clinic. Appointments are one on one with a Board Certified therapist, there are no wait times, and the average time to complete therapy is only 8 sessions.

Using techniques learned through cutting edge courses and certifications, we will help you eliminate your pain and teach you how to take care of yourself so that you can stay fit, loose, and healthy. Once you are pain free, your improvements are integrated into enhancing performance in whatever fitness regimen you enjoy. 

You don't even need a physicians referral to start - YOU make the choice to heal your body and YOU are in control of your outcome 

Less visits to get better

With purely individualized care you get better faster, which means fewer visits and less time. this approach often saves you money

Board Certified

Our orthopedic board certified PTs are the authority in healing without meds, injections, or surgery

Expanded Access

Be coached through recovery instead of just being part of the bottom line. Call or text around the clock, with fast responses

"I'm a firefighter and I have had all kinds of back problems and pain, I have had 2 back surgeries - not to mention that I have tried everything and anything to relieve the pain in order to perform my job. Before I went to Austin I was on desk duty, and even that was painful. Austin's techniques and hands-on therapy have helped me more than any form of treatment I have ever received. The program that he put me on has allowed me to return to full duty. Thank you! You really are the best!" - Luis V

"I have been doing endurance sports since 1989 and Austin is the only Physical Therapist that knows exactly where my injuries come from and how to fix them." - Miguel R

"I haven't run in 14 years, I'm running now.

- Jacinto C

"After going to different physical therapists over the years, I know how important manual manipulation to the injury is, and with Austin's help in this regard, I was able to recover quickly. Thanks!" - Katie A

The Highest Quality for Quicker Results

Noticeable improvement in your condition is guaranteed after just the first session. Our services are tailored toward athletes and fitness-minded individuals who no longer want to live with pain and discomfort, or have been told by a physician that they need to take an extended break from their physical activity. The psychological impact of losing what you love to do can often make your pain worse! Most medical advice regarding regular exercise is overly conservative. With proper coaching, you can return to an active lifestyle safely and effectively. Schedule an appointment now to get back to doing the things you love - without pain - typically in just a few weeks.