Expert Healing 

Let us Empower you to Fix your Pain

Are you an athlete unable to work out as hard as you'd like?

Are you worried about how taking pain pills is affecting your overall health?

Are you nervous that you might need surgery because you think you have no other options? 

There ARE answers to the these problems! 

WE can fix these issues without medication, injections, or surgery. 

Get 80% better in 8 sessions or less, guaranteed**

"Feeling amazing after my victory at the Central American Cup held at Panama City this past weekend! Recovered almost completely from a very painful knee injury in 3 sessions with Austin at this awesome facility! Thank you so much for helping me obtain my 2018 goal!"

- Natalia Giron, Guatemala national team - beach volleyball 

"I have been doing endurance sports since 1989 and Austin is the only Physical Therapist that knows exactly where my injuries come from and how to fix them." - Miguel R

"I haven't run in 14 years, I'm running now.

- Jacinto C

"After going to different physical therapists over the years, I know how important manual manipulation to the injury is, and with Austin's help in this regard, I was able to recover quickly. Thanks!" - Katie A

The Highest Quality for Quicker Results

Noticeable improvement in your condition is guaranteed* after just the first session. Our services are tailored toward athletes and fitness-minded individuals who no longer want to live with pain and discomfort, or have been told by a physician that they need to take an extended break from the physical activity that they love and thrive doing. We can teach you proven strategies that are easy to employ anywhere and at anytime in order to heal you and eliminate your pain. 

*please call for guarantee details